Our Large Selection of Boats in Italy for Sale

Mortola Yacht & Ship Brokers is at the forefront of Italian yacht companies, providing cutting- edge solutions for discerning clients looking for boats in Italy and beyond.


With over thirty years of industry experience at your disposal, we assist our clients in buying a superb luxury yacht which will stand the test of time and make for a good long-term investment, while also fulfilling every yachting desire.


The process of buying a luxury yacht is not always a straightforward one, especially for the inexperienced buyer. It can sometimes be difficult for first-time yacht buyers to identify when a deal represents real value, while also meeting the buyer’s yachting ‘wish-list’. We believe that our role as brokers is to expertly match the client’s yachting dream with the everyday practicalities of yacht ownership. Therefore, our goal is to provide extensive support to our clients every step of the way, ensuring that they make the best-informed choice possible: both from a personal and financial perspective.


Furthermore, the yacht is an asset like any other, which is why we have created a dedicated and professional management team to oversee the day-to-day management of your prized possession. As a yacht charter, yacht sales, and management agency, there is nothing more satisfying to us than providing an impeccable level of service to our clients. In the majority of cases, clients stay with us for years, long after the acquisition of their vessel.


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