Yacht crew jobs - Captain

Leading the Top Crew Agencies in Italy

We are always on the lookout for dedicated and experienced yachting professionals, both to fill crew roles on yachts as well as to join our Mortola brokerage, charter, and yacht management team.


If you want to work with us, or are looking for a crew position on board one of our vessels, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Please send your CV and any references to INFO@MORTOLABROKERS.COM we will be in touch if any suitable opportunity arises.


As one of Italy’s premier yacht crew agencies, our crew division places crew in roles on superyachts across Italy and the world, from junior stewardesses and deckhands through to marine engineers and mega yacht captains. Yacht owners and captains looking to source crew through Mortola can rest assured that we thoroughly vet our crew candidates and only put forward elite, qualified people who are well-matched to the yacht and its requirements.


Mortola keenly understands that a cohesive team on board is essential for the yacht’s efficient and safe operations, and puts every effort into getting the right mix of skills and personalities to suit the vessel’s and owner’s needs.


When recruiting for the internal Mortola Yacht & Ship team, we look for passionate, hard-working and dynamic individuals who are excited by the prospect of working in a team and achieving outstanding results for our clients. Customer service is absolutely paramount in our recruitment model, as well as prizing candidates with expert industry knowledge that will richly benefit our clients, crew and captains.


It's rare to find an agency as professional and meticulous as Mortola and a refreshing change to work with yachting professionals who care so deeply - both about their clients and their crew.

Captain Morgan, 20 years at sea