Mortola - Yacht Broker Italy and it's charter boat in the middle of the sea

Luxury Yacht Broker Italy

Mortola Yacht & Ship Brokers is an experienced Italian yacht broker organising luxury yacht charters in Italy and worldwide.


Italy is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations on earth, with a wealth of spectacular cruising grounds stretching from the Cinque Terre and pretty Portofino in the north, to Sicily’s volcanic grandeur and ancient temples in the south. The Amalfi Coast remains one of the world’s most spectacular yachting playgrounds with its soaring cliffs, bougainvillaea terraces and blue grottos, while Tuscany, Venice, and Rome are superb charter destinations for art and culture-lovers. As an Italy-based yacht broker, Mortola offers in-depth local knowledge of these cruising grounds to ensure a magnificent charter experience.


Mortola also has an exceptional pedigree organising yacht charters further afield, including the glamorous French Riviera, Greece’s timeless islands, and across the entire Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands, as well as through the tropical islands of the Caribbean.


If you are looking to find a luxury charter boat today, you need go no further than Mortola. We are experienced at handling all sorts of charter requests across a range of breathtaking cruising grounds, from Italy to the Caribbean. In every situation, we will do our best to surpass the client’s expectations and provide exceptional support at every moment of the charter experience.