This 22.5m FEADSHIP CARAVELLE named CORBINA was built in 1965 and immaculately maintained, it is a jewel in the crown of one of the most famous yacht designers Carlo Riva, encapsulating the enviable style of the “dolce vita” combined with the finest craftmanship from Feadship / De Vries.  Quite a combination!



Based on a Riva design and specifications and built in Holland, seven examples of this elegant displacement motor yacht were launched, as well as an eighth example, built on commission, after the end of production. The first two specimens, from 1961 and 1962, are m long. 21.80. The Caravelle built in 1963 is called the first “A” series because it has a longer hull and deckhouse, m. 10.50pm.


CORBINA was built as part of the second series, the redesign involves an evolution of both the exteriors and interiors. In addition to a further lengthening of the hull, at m. 22.50, the deckhouse acquires more modern lines: the windsocks on the sides of the deckhouse change. The deckhouse is also equipped with windows that give it a more panoramic appearance, in Riva style, thanks also to the curved corner windows of the wheelhouse and dining room. Below deck, the three aft cabins now each have their own bathroom and consequently an additional porthole appears on the port side. The portholes of the two sides therefore become symmetrical and change their design.

This is a classic and extremely rare master piece of design.  The owner has spent over €2M in maintenance and upgrades over the last few season.  All details contained in the specifications (see below)

Technical Details

  • Length


  • Guests


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Asking Price

€ 3,250,000

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